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Here you’ll find a collection of my customer’s questions, but if you can't find what you are looking for please don't hesitate to contact me directly. I’m more than happy to help you out. 

When can I expect to receive my photos?

Galleries will usually take approximately 5-7 days to be delivered. This is subject to the shoot and package you choose. The more hours we spend together, the more photos I have to work through, so it might take longer to deliver. 

How many photos will I receive?

From a 60 - 90 minute shoot I usually send between 80 - 150 photos, approximately. But honestly, I don't like to set a limit as it really depends on our shoot. I tend to send a selection of photos I feel represent and capture our day to together, the number varies.

Who can attend my session?

This will depend on the session you choose with me, but I often like to limit the number of people attend as it can be distracting. But if you would like to bring someone along we can talk about it of course. 

Do you provide RAW files?

No. These are my creative images and art.

What shall we wear?

Usually earthy tones and neutral colours look best. This is something we can talk about depending on your shoot. We also have an extended customer wardrobe and can help you with styling ideas if needed. 

What should I bring with me?

I recommend you some snacks, water, a warm jumper/blanket and warm tea in a thermos for the colder season and any props/outfits you would like to incorporate in the shoot. (Please let me know if you have anything specific in mind so we can talk it through.)

What happens after the shoot?

Once we have finished our session I will often (depending on the hour and family situations) I will go home and do a very chick look through all the images and select a few to send you as a queeky peek so you can share to your family or on social media (please tag if you do). Then depending on how many shoots I have to edit that week you will be put in the line and I will get your Gallery selected edited and sent to you as soon as I can. Usually between 5-7 days. Then I send you a email with a link for you to view and download your gallery.

Do you shoot in a studio space?

No sorry I do not have a studio space, but the weather here tends to be pretty good so we can always use outside or your house. I have a studio backdrop which I can bring anywhere you need. Also we can rent a space if needed to.

What distances do you cover?

I cover a 30km radius from Estepona. If it's further there will be an additional travel fee.

Do you do elopements or weddings?

Yes I do. I love capturing intimacy, love and connection. If you are interested in me shooting your wedding, please contact me for further information. 

Can I share my photos on social media?

Yes please do – this is a great way to help me promote my work as word of mouth is always the best way to get known. If you enjoyed our shoot and are happy with your photos, please let the world know. However, if you don't want your photos to be shared or tagged that is not a problem. Your images are exclusively yours.

What happens if it rains or we are not well?

If it rains I am always happy to go ahead with the shoot and let the weather set the mood for our photos. But I understand if you find the idea of shooting in the rain off-putting or you don't want to risk getting a cold, and am happy to reschedule to the next closest date. We will have to decide on the day whether or not to reschedule as the weather is very unpredictable.

How do I book my session and how far in advance?

To book a session all you have to do is fill in the email form in the contact page and send it off. I book in chunks of 6 months so we recommend you book the earliest possible date to avoid any kind of disappointment.

During what week of pregnancy do you recommend the photo session?

I recommend between week 30-34 but honestly it depends on how much you are showing and how comfortable you are. Some people prefer to do it earlier so they aren't too tired or too heavy. 


Once the date is saved I usually ask for a down payment (non-refundable) to secure the date and the rest to be paid on the day of the shoot. 

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